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Shanghe organized Qingdao Summit | Yajiang • Be a light in the heart of designers

On June 9th, 2018, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit was successfully held in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. This is a large-scale project of Yajiang to undertake another international event following the Hangzhou G20 Summit and the Xiamen Golden Brick Summit. In the previous event, Yajiang was the sole supplier of high-power floodlights (spotlights) and received high recognition and praise from everyone. In the Qingdao Shanghe Summit, Yajiang once again became the sole supplier of dyeing lamps in the core area with exquisite technology and excellent products. With the precise illumination of Qingdao's night, it presents a brand-new night scene of Qingdao lighting for the guests of all countries and Qingdao citizens.

In order to better summarize the role of architectural landscape lighting, the “Qingdao Shanghe Summit Lighting Construction Achievement Summit Forum” was held on July 10th at the Wyndham Hotel in Qingdao Xinjiang. Huang Rongfeng, general manager of Yajiang, together with Mr. Qing Wei, the marketing director of ARCTIK, and the Industry big Cafe, experts and representatives to discuss the changes,influences and the value brought by the architectural landscape lighting to the city after the “Shanghe Qingdao Summit”. and published a speech in the forum: "Be a Light in the Heart of Designers", shared the lighting design concept, experience and results of this beautiful Qingdao action.

The forum commended the relevant units of the lighting design, lighting construction and quality product suppliers involved in the Shanghe organization Qingdao Summit project. In the beautiful Qingdao action, Yajiang Optoelectronics provided professional high-quality lighting equipment and services for the Qingdao night scene lighting improvement project and fireworks art performance on June 9th, and was therefore awarded the “Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit Lighting Quality Product Supplier”. 

We are not only involved in this project, but also honored to contribute to Qingdao and show the world the high level of Chinese quality. In the future, For the spirit of enterprise ,Yajiang Optoelectronics will constantly innovate, and strive for perfection and move forward to continue to provide customers with the most professional lighting application solutions, with the belief of “Spirit from self-confidence, creativity from pursuit.’’