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Yajiang has won Aladdin Lamp Awards and Excellence Awards for many years.

       On May 16th, Yajiang won a number of Excellence awards for its strong strength and excellent products at the award ceremony of “Guang Chuanghui • 2018 Aladdin's Lamp Award•Excellence Award” held in Guangzhou. Among them, AG650 waterproof imaging light (AG650SWT/SCT/XCET) won the Aladdin Magic Light Award • Excellent Product Award, Linear Pixel Effect Light AI778ET won the Aladdin Lamp Award • Excellent Design Award, CCS Intelligent Color Management System won the Aladdin lamp Award • Excellent Technology Award.

#Light quality making• creates a future#

        After more than 30 years of development and precipitation, Yajiang has become a national high-tech enterprise with professional quality technology and front-end innovation and research and development capabilities. Insist the principle of quality first, green environmental protection and energy conservation, continuously deepen the quality of light, strive to move on, and create a more brilliant future.

From design to product to technology, Yajiang has been innovating.

1. Aladdin's Lamp Award • Excellent Design Award - Linear Pixel Effect Light AI778ET

        Linear pixel effect light AI778ET, its small size, light weight, can achieve seamless splicing, can be used for any splicing according to the building outline and design requirements, with flexible segmentation control function (the first 24 segments in the domestic industry) ,Outstanding from many products, it perfectly displays the creative design concept of lighting, and finally won the Aladdin Lamp Award and Excellent Design Award.

2, Aladdin's lamp award • Excellent product award - AG650 waterproof imaging

        He AG650 waterproof imaging light (AG650SWT/SCT/XCET) is the industry's first, self-developed and innovative waterproof imaging light. It is available in both white and color versions. It is equipped with an intelligent zoom electronic system. A system of cutting system ensures smooth cutting. Accurate control, cutting out any graphics, using two standard rotating pattern pieces inside, enriching the use of lighting and creativity. The luminaire perfectly combines innovation and practicality, and has won numerous patents, which made it stand out in this selection and won the Aladdin Lamp Award and Excellent Product Award.

3, Aladdin's lamp award • Excellent Technology Award - CCS intelligent color management system

        CCS intelligent color management system is a black technology uniquely created by Yajiang to serve customers and the market. It is also a brush in the hands of designers, which gives the lamps a unique artistic temperament and presents the most accurate light color. Its forward-looking and developmental guidance led the industry in research and development and breakthroughs, and won the Aladdin Lamp Award and Excellent Technology Award in this selection.